A major event such as the Latrobe Valley Airshow 2020 relies on the service of a small army of volunteers – and the Latrobe Valley Aero Club NEEDS YOU!

Airshow volunteers get involved in all aspects of the show; air-marshalling, moving aircraft on the site, hospitality, site preparation and cleanup, ticket sales, car traffic controllers, visitor information, and much, much more. Volunteers are needed well before the event and for the few days after.

As a small, regional aero club, our community is crucial to the event’s success, every single role is important, and every single voluntary act is appreciated. All volunteers must attend the appropriate training and briefing sessions as outlined by the organisers (Coming Soon – please click here).

If you think you can help in any way, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators (Bob Milburn or Rob Batten) by emailing lvac@latrobevalleyaeroclub.com.au or by contacting the organisers.

Put your hand up to volunteer today!

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